A Selection

There are many books on FLATS - ZINNFIGUREN though most of them are of German language only.

Few have been translated into English or French language. But some may prove even useful without proper knowledge of German language

Der Zinnsoldat

First and classic book on flats of 19th century published 1924 by curator of Nuremberg Museum.Not very helpful without knowledge of German language.

Model Soldiers

Probably first English publication covering flats (not exclusively) in 1959. Quite sought after.


Von der Tonfigur zum Bleisoldaten

Published 1961 in English and French too. English Title is "Lead Soldiers and Figurines", Crown publishers NY.

"A fascinating study of figurines and lead soldiers from earliest times to the present, written by a leading collector. Illustrated with many photographs in color and black and white. Copyright 1961 in Paris; translated by E. Stanton Russell; 129 pages; 24 pages devoted to museum holdings and items from collections."

Still available with; covers flats not exclusively


Der standhafte Zinnsoldat

First "modern" book on flats with colour plates etc. some 80 pp.

Publisher: Franckh´sche Verlagsbuchhandlung Stuttgart 1961.


Zinnfiguren einst und Jetzt

A classic and first exclusive publication on flats published in UK and USA. English title is "The Collectors Guide to Model Tin Figures". London: Studio Vista, 1974. New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons 1974.

"From their origins in the workshops of 18th century artist-craftsmen of Nuremberg. First detailed account in English of the skill & intricacy with which these German 'flats' were, and still are, produced. Profusely illust with color & b/w photoplates by Ernst Schafer & text woodcuts, engravings & silhouettes from various museums & collections, (200pp) Sq."

Still available with Recommended.


Handbuch der Zinnfiguren

A classic on flats by Harald Kebbel, a well known collector and editor of flats. Some knowledge of German language required though there are many illustrations too. Publisher: F. Bruckmann KG 1978


Zinnfiguren Zinnsoldaten Zeitgeschichte

Luxury 1979 edition on flats by prominent swiss collector Curt F. Kollbrunner. Available in French too. Many beautiful bw and colour photographs of flats and consequently quite sought after today. French title: Figurines D`Etain. Publisher: Office du livre, Fribourg.

Sometimes still available with et. al. Recommended.

Sigel Selbstbestimmungsbuch

Something very special by Heinz Schenzle. This indespensable book lists all footplates of flats (forms and marks) and names the editors who edited them. No knowledge of German language required. Recommended to all collectors.

Publisher: Baumann KG 1987.

The Art of the Flat Tin Figure

Best reference in English language is Michael Taylor´s book THE ART OF THE FLAT TIN FIGURE,

Publisher: Windrow & Greene 1995 ISBN 1 85915 070 5.

However due to interest of its author, it covers ancient and mediaeval epoch mainly. Recommended


Die Zinnwelt des Franz Karl Mohr

Nice monographic on well known designer and engraver F. K. Mohr, beautiful pictures of painted sets. Edition Krannich 1997.

Die Zinnwelt des Franz Karl Mohr II

Appendix to above lists all sets and their owners. Quite useful. Edition Krannich 1997.


150 Jahre feinste Zinn-Compositions Figuren

Monographic on Heinrichsen by prominent swiss collector. Many pictures of sets but some knowledge of German language is required.

Fahrzeuge in Zinn

This author collects all coaches and carriages available with flats and presents here (a part of) his collection. Many pictures and appendix. May be useful even without proper knowledge of german language. Edition Krannich.



Catalogue of big exhibition of 19. century flats of various origin. Nicely displayed rare items. May be useful even without proper knowledge of german language. Toy Museum Nuremberg 2000.


Römer in Zinn

Complete survey of "Romans in Tin" i.e. all flats existing carefully listed in annexes. Very helpful to all collectors of this era.

Otto Gottstein

One of the "founders" of modern flats figure spent a fortune on flats between 1925 - 1955. Many beautiful sets throughout history of mankindshown with colour photographs. May be useful even without proper knowledge of german language. Edition Krannich 2000.

Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor now of German language. Not only a translation of his 1995 book but similar. Edition Krannich 2001.


Kieler Zinnfiguren

Monographic on biggest modern editor of flats covers firm history from 1925 on. Very good but some German language required. Edition Krannich 2002.

Kieler Zinnfiguren II

Appendix to above lists all sets etc. Very good but some German language required. Edition Krannich 2003.