updated 2005/2015

Zur Ergänzung meines Buches möchte ich den Sammlern die Gelegenheit geben Vladimir Douchkines Arbeit im Detail zu studieren. Dazu habe ich einige meiner Einschätzung nach besonders geeignete Stücke ausgewählt. Diese können stark vergrößert werden.

Ich hoffe es gefällt Ihnen.


In addition to my book I want to give the opportunity to study some examples of Vladimir Douchkines work in detail. So I choose several of his flats suitable to this according to my opinion. These can be enlarged very much.

Hope you enjoy it.




French Infantry 1809




Napoleon painted about 1950

Eugene Bauharnais painted about 1950, 1970

Court of Henri VIII, painted about 1940

Fugger, painted about 1960

Soubise phaeton, painted about 1935


There is something unique in Douchkine´s painting of coaches and carriages . He used the "third dimension" of flats to achieve an effect not fully

visible on a photo. For example when painting a wheel he shades the about 1 mm strong engraved surface inside of the wheel. It can be seen fairly good on the Soubise phaeton, but

is of course only to be noticed in its full effect on the painted figure in nature.


Louis XIV Staff, painted about 1940



Austrian Cuirassiers, painted about 1950



Swedish flags of 30 Years War, painted about 1950


Louis XIV, painted about 1940


Charles VII, painted about 1940


Trumpeter of Cuirassiers, painted about 1940